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“To encourage players to develop their technique, skill, creativity and game understanding in a safe, enjoyable and supportive learning environment while demanding the highest standards of sportsmanship, fair play and player development”

"Continuous education, patience, support and courage are fundamental if coaches are to help teams and individuals become the best players they can be” 

It is vital that coaches of young players are aware of much more than the game of football itself, and are conscious of the wider issues which impact upon player development”

"A clearly defined playing philosophy provides direction, purpose and guidance to the process of coaching young players. Football should be played with an efficient, economical, measured, possession based approach, where pass quality combined with intelligent and timely support and movement lead to progress and penetration through the thirds of the field to provide goal scoring opportunities IF counter attacking possibilities are denied”
“To defend effectively and efficiently: a team should display a controlled, calculated and assertive approach where all players contribute and have a clear understanding of the tactical objectives being used to regain possession of the ball” 
“The game style will allow and encourage all players to contribute to the attacking phase with variety, audacity and with considered risk taking and in the defending phase with understanding, assertiveness and decisiveness”


Football Education
We believe that by educating players, parents, and coaches in our philosophy, that this may have a knock on effect and will benefit the local clubs and teams our players represent.
Players will progress in many aspects of the game, be introduced to a high standard of coaching, and just as importantly, a high level of learning and understanding that will give our players a freedom to express themselves and most importantly, the ability to become good 'decision makers'

Coach Development
Through our coach education and training, we work with a holistic approach in nurturing not only footballing talent, but child development. 
Our Coaches enthusiasm, understanding and knowledge of youth football will ensure that every player who participates in one of our structured coaching programmes will be educated in all Four Corners of football. Our training sessions are carefully planned to ensure the right practice is organised for the right age and ability of our players. 
In striving for excellence and always working towards our vision, we understand that the standard of practice, the standard of education and the standard of coaching is continuously evolving and demands improvement all the time. We ensure all our coaches meet their relevant Coach Personal Development (CPD) hours each year.
We will drive to not only develop young players in the game, but will also offer opportunities to introduce a new wave of coaches into youth football supporting the football community.

Coaching Program
Our coaching program will educate players starting with the basic skills of football, with our focus being on
Long Term Player Development through fun games. Our program's foundation is based on fundamental movements encouraging improvement of Agility, Balance, Co-ordination and Speed in a safe and fun environment.
The Rozel GS United Academy focus on the delivery of our coaching to benefit the individual player's understanding of the game. We give our players "ownership" within the sessions that will promote our focus of producing young players with excellent 'decision making' skills.

This will inevitably enhance their footballing "Game Sense".

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