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Rozel and GS
A 'United' Way

The Rozel GS United Academy aim to produce an honest, hardworking and organised team who can play dynamic, passing football. Through the use of quick passing that encourages players to combine effectively, Rozel Rovers teams should constantly be looking to break the lines or create overloads in the opposition half with the aim of creating goal scoring opportunities.


The Rozel GS United Academy teams will ideally play in possession a 1-2-1-3 formation for our teams 7v7; 1-2-3-3 formation for our teams 9v9 and 1-4-3-3 formation for our teams 11v11, however, it is expected that players who are recruited and developed by the Rozel GS United Academy are adaptive and can play a number of systems as and when necessary.

When the team is in possession Rozel GS United Academy teams will make the pitch as big as possible by ensuring there is suitable length, depth and width within the team. We aim to play through the thirds quickly and positively and keep safe possession when there is no opportunity to play forward.

All players are expected to be able to deal with the ball and as a consequence are expected to consistently provide good angles and distances of support in front and behind the ball. In the opposition half, incisiveness is the focus, we aim to break opposition lines or create overloads in wide and central areas with every intention of creating goal scoring opportunities.

Out of possession, Rozel GS United Academy teams will be characterised by their organisation, honesty and their hard work. Players will be encouraged to win possession back at the earliest opportunity, however, intelligence and concentration is required at all times.

Players will be expected to recover team shape and assess whether they press the ball or drop off to defend and deny space in between our lines. We believe that every player has the responsibility to defend when out of possession and should be confident in 1v1 defending situations when the occasion arises.


A Rozel GS United Academy footballer will have honesty, a high work ethic, and a confidence in his own abilities and of those he plays with, a passion for representing the club and most of all a passion for football.

GS United 2021
Game Sense United Football Club

GS United 2021

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